Mazza works with small companies and large multinational corporations alike to develop the highest quality, solvent-free, excipient-free and preservative-free ingredients with its proprietary, environmentally friendly high-pressure water extraction technology: the PhytoClean™ Method. Using only water, Mazza specializes in extracting compounds that previously could only be extracted with chemical solvents.



Many of Mazza’s customers already have their own plant biomass, sourced or grown in-house, and are looking for a process manufacturing partner to transform it into a premium-quality extract. In other cases, customers have sought a turnkey solution for predetermined extraction specifications. Mazza is pleased to provide biomass sourcing, extraction, standardization, packaging and delivery services. In all cases, Mazza’s partners are companies seeking solvent-free, standardized extracts at the highest possible purity level.

Mazza’s water-based extraction system can provide improved yields at faster speeds than many traditional solvent-based extractions. As a result, Mazza can offer rapid processing of a wide range of biomass at a very competitive price point. Utilizing Mazza’s expertise, it is possible to replace costly and dangerous chemical extraction methods, reduce overhead costs,  while  increasing production output.



Mazza offers an extensive range of toll-processing services to service many different customer requests. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.




Our full-service laboratory offers a complete range of R&D and product development services, including extraction , optimization, and analysis of a range of phytonutrients and bioactives from almost any biomass source. This includes determining and isolating high-purity single compounds from the biomass, as well as more complex botanical extracts based on the customer’s requirements and specifications. We are committed to the highest standards of quality control in extraction of natural botanical ingredients.




Mazza is pleased to offer its customers a range of delivery formats for the extracts that it produces. Liquid extracts standardized in solids concentration, powders of varying particle size, capsules, stick packs, and other formats are all possible.



Mazza provides private labeling as an integral part of our product and service offerings.  Available services include extraction, relabeling, repackaging and shipping directly to your customers using your labels and shipping documents. Our water-based extraction process delivers the highest-quality ingredients made to your exacting requirements.  Customers interested in private label extraction services should contact us to discuss their requirements on a confidential basis.



Customers are offered the use of Mazza’s PhytoClean™ trademark and logo on their labels in cases in which all of the active ingredients being used are manufactured by Mazza’s solvent-free, water-only technology. The ingredient(s) must also be used in their fullest concentration (non-diluted or mixed with non-Mazza extracts). The PhytoClean™ trademark guarantees consumers that the extract is free of any solvents, preservatives or excipients.




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