Our Mission: Reflect Health

Our mission is to reflect health in everything we do—from the ingredients we produce to the ways in which we give back to the planet. Simplicity is key to our method—water and plants. People around the world can enjoy food, take supplements or use beauty products knowing that the ingredients are derived naturally and without organic solvents. At Mazza Innovation, we acknowledge the interconnectedness of our health and the health of the earth. We strive to promote environmental responsibility across our organization and around the world.


The science of healthy and clean plant extracts is the core of Mazza Innovation. Our PhytoClean™ Method—the earth-friendly way to extract bioactives from plants using only water—produces clean ingredients. We specialize in extracting bioactive compounds including polyphenols, alkaloids, glycosides, and specialty carbohydrates—ideal ingredients for functional foods, dietary supplements, and beauty products. Our commitment to environmental integrity is driven by founder Dr. Giuseppe (Joe) Mazza’s vision to produce the cleanest, greenest ingredients that benefit our health while preserving a healthy planet.

Mazza Process


Our PhytoClean™ seal stands for exceptional quality and a promise of environmental and social responsibility.

By endorsing products with the PhytoClean™ seal, manufacturers can offer consumers a declaration of clean ingredients—formulated from a patent-protected process—and a green alternative to outdated organic solvent-based extraction methods.

Whether you are reformulating existing products or launching new, clean-label offerings, we offer a unique partnership to help you capitalize on the growing demand for clean ingredients that fulfill the promise of quality and sustainability.